Suitcase packing skills!

Today is packing day. On Monday we start with Hillsong Conference (!!!!), so we thought it would be nice to get everything set before a busy week.

I have spent the day throwing a LOT of stuff away, and trying to make everything fit in two suitcases. F has been away all day doing «bump in» for Conference, and I must say I have enjoyed beeing by myself. I think it is better that way, he doesn`t need to see everything I am keeping for «just in case I need it when I get home». But right now I can`t pack anymore. You see, I am terrible at packing everything INTO the suitcase. Especially when it comes to clothes, I pack them and they just take up so much space! But when F packs, he always have a way of making a lot of space in my suitcase. I know, it is embarrassing…

At least I have all the clothes folded ready to be put in! I do my part!

Are you a good suitcase packer?


My life in a suitcase

Min kjære har fått det i hodet at han skal pakke så han er klar 35 dager før vi drar. Han fikk kastet halve skapet sitt, og fikk meg også i gang med å pakke ned sommerklærne mine.

Nå lever han livet i en koffert, og har ingen planer om å pakke ut før vi er hjemme i Norge. Jeg mener egentlig at han ikke trenger noe av det han har her, han trenger bare meg. Og JEG har mer en nok plass i en koffert, så han kan til og med få med seg litt sokker hvis han vil det!

My husband has got it into his head that he needs to pack, so he can be ready in 35 days when we leave. He was able to throw away half his closet, and even got me to throw away some of my close.

Now he lives his life in a suitcase, and has decided to live like that until we get home to Norway. I actually mean that he doesn`t need any of the stuff he has packed, he just needs me. And I have more enough space laying in a suitcase, so he can even bring some of his socks if he would like to!