I was on a mountain, now I am walking

Now I am sitting here in my new apartment watching the rain pour down (Norwegian summer). I can`t believe how fast the last two weeks have gone! It feels like a dream that I was actually in Australia with so many amazing people. I must admit it has been rough coming home. It has been super busy, and as I expected worries and stress has consumed my time.

The last two days I have just needed to do nothing, and actually do some warfare, it was about time Becky! Since my head is full of creative pictures and thoughts God usually explains my situation in pictures for me. Last night I realized in what kind of season I am in right now.

The season that we just left was an amazing season! Hillsong Leadership College was a mountain besides the road. We stopped in our journey and climbed up the mountain. We got to the top and looked out on the view. From that hight we could see where the road was going. Were we needed to take right or left, and we were finally able to see where the road ended, what our destination was!  Now, this new season is on the road again. We have just climbed down from the big mountain. Here on the road we can`t see anything anymore. Not our destination, not what is coming..just the road in front of us and the trees surrounding us. Now we need to remember what we saw, guard it, keep it safe and use it. We need to keep our faith high!

My sword is in my hand, now I am ready to slain dragons….Are you?





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