Suitcase packing skills!

Today is packing day. On Monday we start with Hillsong Conference (!!!!), so we thought it would be nice to get everything set before a busy week.

I have spent the day throwing a LOT of stuff away, and trying to make everything fit in two suitcases. F has been away all day doing «bump in» for Conference, and I must say I have enjoyed beeing by myself. I think it is better that way, he doesn`t need to see everything I am keeping for «just in case I need it when I get home». But right now I can`t pack anymore. You see, I am terrible at packing everything INTO the suitcase. Especially when it comes to clothes, I pack them and they just take up so much space! But when F packs, he always have a way of making a lot of space in my suitcase. I know, it is embarrassing…

At least I have all the clothes folded ready to be put in! I do my part!

Are you a good suitcase packer?


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