Sommerlig Marengskake

Gjester ankommer Mayandia huset, og det kommer til å bli fylt med både latter og grillmat. Hva skal man da bake som faller i smak hos alle?

En sikker vinner er en sommerlig marengskake, så enkel og lage og så god! Du kan variere i det uendelige!

  • Du trenger:
  • Marengsen: 4 eggehviter, 200g sukker.

Stivpisk eggehvitene og ha sukkeret oppi litt etter litt. Miks i ca 10 minutter til marengsen er stiv. Ha i en rund kakeform og stek på midterste rille i litt over 2 timer på 120 gr.  ( Min kjære svigemor hadde marsipan i marengsen, det smakte himmelsk! )

  • Toppingen: Krem, Jordbær, Kiwi

Pisk Fløte til krem og ha på toppen av marengsen. Kutt Kiwi og Jordbær i biter og fordel pent over kremen. Dryss over med litt sukker.

Deilig og friskt!


I was on a mountain, now I am walking

Now I am sitting here in my new apartment watching the rain pour down (Norwegian summer). I can`t believe how fast the last two weeks have gone! It feels like a dream that I was actually in Australia with so many amazing people. I must admit it has been rough coming home. It has been super busy, and as I expected worries and stress has consumed my time.

The last two days I have just needed to do nothing, and actually do some warfare, it was about time Becky! Since my head is full of creative pictures and thoughts God usually explains my situation in pictures for me. Last night I realized in what kind of season I am in right now.

The season that we just left was an amazing season! Hillsong Leadership College was a mountain besides the road. We stopped in our journey and climbed up the mountain. We got to the top and looked out on the view. From that hight we could see where the road was going. Were we needed to take right or left, and we were finally able to see where the road ended, what our destination was!  Now, this new season is on the road again. We have just climbed down from the big mountain. Here on the road we can`t see anything anymore. Not our destination, not what is coming..just the road in front of us and the trees surrounding us. Now we need to remember what we saw, guard it, keep it safe and use it. We need to keep our faith high!

My sword is in my hand, now I am ready to slain dragons….Are you?




This is Revival

Revival is only defined by history. It is when you look back you realize that there was something special happening. Let us not look back one day, but rather be aware now that we are living in the beginning of a great revival!

Australia you have been chosen by God for a great move of the Holy Spirit. This move of God will be the greatest move of God ever known in mankind’s history and will start towards the end of the 20th century and move into the 21st century. This move of God will start a great revival in Australia, spread throughout the whole world and usher in the second coming of Jesus.

                                Smith Wigglesworth

Caramel Popcorn

Oh my dear American friends, how I love them! Especially when they give you this amazing simple Caramel Popcorn recipe, but oh so good!

Are you ready?

  • You need:
  • 1 dl  popping corn
  • 5 Tablespoon oil
  • 2 Tablespoon honey
  • 2 dl sugar
  • 125g butter
  • peanuts or chocolate if you want.

Stir honey,sugar and butter over low heat. Let it boil for 4-5min. Pour over the popcorns, and let it cool down. Separate them.

You can mix chocolate and peanuts in it if you want.

Enjoy! ♥

Suitcase packing skills!

Today is packing day. On Monday we start with Hillsong Conference (!!!!), so we thought it would be nice to get everything set before a busy week.

I have spent the day throwing a LOT of stuff away, and trying to make everything fit in two suitcases. F has been away all day doing «bump in» for Conference, and I must say I have enjoyed beeing by myself. I think it is better that way, he doesn`t need to see everything I am keeping for «just in case I need it when I get home». But right now I can`t pack anymore. You see, I am terrible at packing everything INTO the suitcase. Especially when it comes to clothes, I pack them and they just take up so much space! But when F packs, he always have a way of making a lot of space in my suitcase. I know, it is embarrassing…

At least I have all the clothes folded ready to be put in! I do my part!

Are you a good suitcase packer?

Clever toiletpaper

I have decided to keep writing in English. Norwegians are good enough speaking English so I know it won`t be any complicated for them. It is also good for me to keep doing it, so I won`t forget everything I learned this year. Now my English-speaking friends can follow my life as well!

I love good tips! Love to read about silly and random things that can make your life feel easier. Today I came over this amazing toilet paper idea, I am so going to try it when I move into my apartment!

When you get out a new roll of toilet paper, place a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the cardboard tube of the toilet paper. This will release the scent of the oil each time the paper is used. RIDICULOUSLY good idea!!! Just don`t put vanilla sentence in it, because I hate it! Smells like human skin, yeww!


My life a thanksgiving

All believers, come here and listen,
      let me tell you what God did for me.
   I called out to him with my mouth,
      my tongue shaped the sounds of music.
   If I had been cozy with evil,
      the Lord would never have listened.
   But he most surely did listen,
      he came on the double when he heard my prayer.
   Blessed be God: he didn’t turn a deaf ear,
      he stayed with me, loyal in his love.

What right do I have to complain? When I start thinking about everything that has been done for me, I get so overwhelmed that I don`t even know where to start!

I get embarrassed just thinking about everytime I have been complaining, and how many times I have been unsatisfied. Not anymore. My life is going to be a thanksgiving, and from my lips thankfullness is the only thing that is going to come out! If He thinks my life is worth it, I should respect everything he has done for me, and make my life worth what he has done for me.

The meaning of a watch

Å leve livet et år slik vi har levd har en kost å betale. Nå skryter jeg ikke, heller klager jeg ikke; det er bare fakta.

Det har egentlig gjort godt å ikke være så opphengt i alt det materialistiske som svirrer rundt deg, og heller hatt fokuset på det som varer evig her i livet. Nå som vi flytter hjem, er det fort gjort å dette oppi «alt jeg MÅ ha» bobla igjen. Jeg har sittet i timesvis, sett på interiør, sett på klær, sett på klokker og smykker og alt jeg ønsker meg som jeg føler jeg MÅ ha. Jeg har stresset litt.

Søndagskveld dro jeg på møte. Jeg var klar for å komme meg litt bort fra alt det overfladiske igjen, og poppe bobla mi. Mens jeg satt der på sete mitt klar for at møtet skulle starte kom det en venn opp til meg. Gud hadde talt til henne. Sagt til henne at hun måtte gi meg en klokke. Hun hadde håpet hun ville finne meg, og meg var den første personen hun så når hun kom inn døra.

Jeg kan love deg at bobla mi sprakk. Tårekanalene mine sprakk også. Noe så enkelt som en klokke, klokker som jeg har sett på, ønsker meg og skrevet opp på lista mi over alt jeg føler jeg må ha når jeg kommer hjem. Han bryr seg til og med over de minste detaljene, han så at jeg ønsker meg en klokke og gav meg en klokke. Et minne på at Han er alt jeg trenger, han er intim og ser hver lille ting jeg trenger og ønsker meg. Gud bryr seg nok om mine ønsker at han legger merke til at jeg ønsker meg en klokke. Hvordan kan jeg da stresse over alt det andre vi trenger?

HAN er alt jeg trenger ❤

It has really been good for us not to be so caught up in all that materialistic that swirl around us, and instead focus on what is eternal this year. Knowing that we are moving home, it is easy to get caught up in «all the MUST haves» bubble again. I have sat for hours, looking at furniture, clothes, watches and jewelry and everything I wish I had.

Sunday evening I went to church. I was ready to get a little bit away from all the superficial stuff, and focus again. As I sat there in my seat waiting for the service to start a friend came over to me. God had spoken to her, told her she had to give me a watch. She had hoped she would find me, and I was the first person she saw when she entered the door.

I can promise you that my bubble burst. My tears to. Something as simple as a watch, a watch that I have looked up on the internet, that I have wanted, and written up on my list of everything I feel I need when I get home. HE cares even on the smallest details, he saw that I want a watch and gave me a watch. It is a reminder that HE is everything I need, HE is intimate and sees every little thing I need and want. God cares enough about my wishes that He noticed that I wanted a watch. How can I stress over everything else we need?

HE is everything I need ❤

I always feel pretty with a new haircut

Glemte helt å fortelle dere at jeg og min mann klippet håret for 120kr! Åh som jeg kommer til å savne billige hårklipp når jeg kommer hjem! Glemmer helt at Norge er så dyrt.

Jeg har sittet og vurdert om jeg egentlig skal forsette med blogging når jeg kommer hjem. Føler jeg ikke helt passer inn i alle disse overfladiske bloggerne med mote, sminke og masse penger. Livet mitt går bare enn helt annen retning, og det som er viktig for meg er kanskje det som ikke er så veldig viktig for alle andre. Så hadde hvert koselig med litt respons fra dere som leser, om dere ville forsatt å lest når livet mitt ville hovedsaklig handlet om Meg og mitt private forhold til Gud, mine innerste tanker, og som alltid litt mat inn i bildet.

Hva kunne du tenke deg å lese om på min blogg?

I completely forgot to tell you guys I got a haircut! I always feel like a new person when I get one. Me and my husband for 35 dollars. I am really going to miss the cheap haircuts when I go to Norway. I have completely forgot how expensive it is there!